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My name is Cassandra Penticoff, and you and I share one thing in common…we’re both authors. I’ve learned so much since becoming an author and I want to help you be successful!

I offer beta reading, email marketing assistance, and graphic design at a very affordable rate. I also sell a digital product that’s a perfect tool for authors to engage their audience. 

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Stop wasting time staring blankly at your screen while you try and think of good content to share with your audience–And stop searching for good graphics to share! We’ve got over a years worth of it right in this file for you.

When I realized keeping my social media audience engaged was super important for using social media as a power tool for selling more books, I knew I needed to post engaging content every day.

I quickly realized that taking the time to find and think of good content to share was enough reason for me to put it off…EVERY DAY.

I created a file where I created and organized different social media posts that would keep my audience coming back for more…

I knew there had to be other authors out there who was putting this very same thing off, so I decided to share the file!

In this file you will find hilarious memes only a bookworm would appreciate, graphics that ask engaging questions your audience won’t be able to resist responding to, questions related to reading, and more!