Don’t let your hard work go to manuscript purgatory




You’ve spent hours, days, or maybe months writing this new story, but the computer Gods have failed you and your book is GONE. 

Maybe your computer crashed…

Maybe you forgot to save it…

Maybe Microsoft word glitched and deleted your file.

I’ve heard a thousand different ways authors have lost the file for their book, one way or the other. 

It happened to me when my computer crashed years ago with a book I spent ten years writing! You can imagine the crying fest and ice-cream eating that followed this incident. 

POINT IS…you should not be relying on Microsoft word while you’re writing your book!

Clearly, I had to learn this the hard way…

I write my book on Google Docs now. 

The entire book. 

Google Docs requires no saving. It auto-saves every few seconds. Your document is not stored on your computer, but in your google account. 
Your computer can crash all day long, and nothing will happen to your precious file.

Once I’m ready to send it to the editor, I put it into a word document and send it over. I do the rest over a word document, but OF COURSE, I save the file in my email, on an external hard drive, AND my computer. 

It’s easy to say “I’ll just use word, but make sure to upload it to my one drive every time I’m done writing for the day.” 
But, sometimes…you forget. We’re human.
Don’t learn the hard way like I had to!

Learn from mine and thousands of other author’s mistakes. 

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