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My Different Approach to #NaNoWriMo

Day 1 on #NanoWriMo is underway!

This is my first time ever participating in #NanoWriMo and I am very excited! So far, it’s helping me to feel excited about writing my book, which is helpful since it can be hard to find the inspiration at times.

I always have a hard time jumping into writing a new novel. It usually takes a while for me to get a good and steady pace, but once I have a good idea of what my novel is about, I can’t be stopped! I’m hoping by participating in National Novel Writing Month that it will be the push I need to get past my (normally) slow beginning stages of creating my story.

Here’s a couple pictures of three different characters who you will meet in my #NaNoWriMo book called Corrupted Enchantment.

I’m approaching #NanoWriMo slightly different than most people do. The entire goal is to write 50k words of their novel in one month. That equates to writing 1,666 words every day. For me, the problem with doing this is that I need to do a lot of brainstorming, outlining, and world building before I fully dive into my fantasy project. So, instead of making a goal to writing 1,666 words of my actual novel every day, my goal is to write that many words regarding anything to do with my book.

For instance, today, I’ve almost met my word count goal, but most of these words have been in the form of outlining and world-building. Because my approach is a bit different than most writer’s #NaNoWriMo goals, I may not end up with a fully written novel by the end of November, but I should have a fully polished outline, and at least half of a book written. If you’re writing a fantasy/sci-fi book, or any book that is more complex like mine, than I recommend approaching it in this way as well. Don’t feel obligated to get 1,6666 words of your novel every day if it doesn’t actually help the quality of your book.

I will continue to keep you all updated throughout my #NaNoWriMo journey!

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