A simple, fast, and cheap way for authors and entrepreneurs to organize your schedule

You’re an author and/or entrepreneur.


There’s so much to do.






Answering emails.


Booking blog interviews, radio interviews, getting out your press release.






Not to mention the day-to-day responsibilities of adulting!


You find yourself spending hours upon hours trying to get stuff done, yet it seems like hardly anything is accomplished by the end of the day.


If you’re like me, then you may have found yourself struggling to balance work and regular life. You may be spending less and less time with your family while you’re trying to get endless tasks and projects done. It may not feel like there’s enough time in the day, but maybe it has more to do with the way you’re managing your time.


You’ve bought a planner, and maybe you even used it for a day or a week, but it just didn’t stick.


You need something big and visual to remind you of your daily goals.


In this post, you will learn of a simple, cheap, and effective way of managing your day.


You can always go online and find fancier schedules that are already made, and that’s a great option too! But, if you’re on a budget, then consider making this daily schedule, just as I did.












Supplies needed:

  • Poster Board ($1 or less)
  • Post-Its ($3)
  • Sharpie ($2 or less)
  • Ruler ($1)


First, you need to decide what days are your work days. For me, it’s Monday-Friday, and only 9-5, as you can see in the pictures. I do not schedule tasks for myself during weeknights or weekdays as this is my time with my husband and kids.


You’re an entrepreneur, so your work is never really done and you will most likely be working outside of your set schedule. But, try really hard not to actually schedule anything during those times. Try to fit everything in to your set times, so you can spend as much time with your family and/or doing the things you love to do outside of work.



  • First, figure out how many days and hours you will be working during the day. If you’re working 9 hours, then you need enough room for 9 hour slots on the poster. This takes some math and measuring, which is never fun, but just get it out of the way! Also, take your measurements across for the days.
  • Next, after you’ve figured out your measurements, you need to use a ruler and a pencil to mark it out. I highly recommend using a ruler because it will make the lines clean and straight. If the board looks nicer, you are more likely to use it. I’m not a psychologist, but I know this to be true.
  • Now that you have your lines marked with pencil, it’s time to use the sharpie to make your lines dark and easy to see. Be sure you use your ruler to make these lines straight. Even though you have the straight lines marked in pencil, it will still be very difficult to keep the lines straight without using the ruler to assist you.
  • Next, fill in your days and times, as seen in the pictures.


At this point, your board is ready to use!


This is where the post-its come in handy. As you can see in the pictures, you use the post-its to write your tasks on. The great thing about using a schedule like this, is that you can move the tasks around easily with the post-its if you end up having to make changes.


Also, on one post-it that has a task that you do daily, such as “writing,” you can use that over and over again until the stickiness wares off, which conserves the post-its!


If you want, you can step the fanciness up a notch by using velcro and laminated tags. You would laminate a certain amount of post-its, you would use the stick-on velcro pieces (which can be bought in the office section of most big retailers), and you would write on the post-its with dry erase markers.


The first time I made this visual scheduling board, I used the laminated post-its and velcro strips, but I honestly just wanted something simpler and cheaper this time around. My current one works just as great, but was a fraction of the cost.  


Having a schedule like this should help you manage your time and get the daily tasks done that is necessary to run your brand, without taking time away from your family or free time.


Do you have boards like this that help you stay on task? Show us in the comments!

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