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Readers judge books by their covers. Why you need to hire a professional designer.

“Never judge a book it’s cover.”

It’s one of the most known quotes known to mankind. For the most part, it’s a great mantra to live by, but let’s be honest…

But let’s keep it real…When it comes to actual books…

Readers definitely judge a book it by its cover!

It’s not even that readers do this on purpose, or consciously, but the truth it this: If a reader stumbles across an unprofessional–or even ugly– book cover, they will assume the content of the book is of the same sub-par quality.

This is especially true since there are so many books out there to choose from. We’re talking millions of books.

Why will I choose to read a book with a mediocre cover when I can move on to the next book in my genre of choice that has a great cover?

I’ve read books from fellow indie authors that are fantastic, but their cover was tacky or unprofessional, so they fail to receive any sales. I mean, the only reason I even read their book was to be supportive of a friend, and I was surprised by how fantastic of a book it was.

Building a career as an author is much like building a business. You have to make investments to scale it. One of those essential investments for authors are professional covers.

“But, Cassandra. Cover design is expensive.”

Well, it can be, but you can also find affordable graphic design in various ways. I’ll give you a few places you can get covers from at a decent price.

  • A Novel Connection
    ANC offers custom covers for only $75! This includes both your ebook cover and your paperback cover, which is a great deal in comparison to other graphics design companies. This also happens to be my other business I run!
  • Book Cover Zone
    These are premade covers for $69! You can’t get any customization, but for only $70, it’s a great deal if you can find one that fits your book.
  • Canva
    If you seriously don’t have the money to invest in one of the options above, then there is always Canva. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool to create graphics. I will warn you, you aren’t going to get a graphic that looks as clean and professional as if you were to go to one of the companies above, but it sure beats nothing!

If you’re an indie author just starting out, you already have plenty of forces working against you in the industry…don’t let your cover be one of them!

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