7 tricks to getting more Facebook likes

Every author knows they need a Facebook business profile.


But it’s more than simply having the page. It’s constantly growing your followers.


Here are a few tips and tricks to getting more likes that will lead to sales.

  • Send out invites from your PC rather than your phone
    When you send invites out from a phone, it only allows you to send about 45 at a time, for some odd reason. When you do it from a computer, it will allow you to “select all” friends, making it way easier and efficient to send out invites.


  • Invite people who have liked your posts
    If you click on the people who have liked a specific post, it will have buttons that say “invite” displayed next to the names of people who have not been invited to like your page yet.


  • Don’t post too much promotional content
    Your page should consist of no more than 25% promotional, but you would be best to shoot between 10%-25% just to be safe. When your page provides the reader mostly stuff that benefit them they are more likely to follow your page (See tip #7 for more on this).
    I go into way more detail about this on this post.


  • Post regularly
    Your page needs to have a consistent flow of content so your followers and/or potential followers can get to know you better and grow to expect good quality content from you.


  • Time your posts right
    Post at the right time of day and it will allow your post to be seen more, therefore you will get more likes. The best time to post on Facebook is between 12pm and 3pm,–Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And on the weekends from 12pm to 1pm.


  • Be Yourself
    Use your own self and be true to who you are. People love authenticity and rawness. Show your true colors!


  • Offer value to the reader
    Whether it’s resources, tips, tricks, giveaways, or entertainment–give people a reason to want to follow your page.


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