Beta Reading

Beta Reading

Have you ever wanted to get an in depth, professional analysis from a reader, but weren’t sure where to go?

Maybe you have a reader, or even multiple readers, who read your books for you and give you their opinion but it isn’t nearly as in depth as you want it.

You need a professional beta reader and you’ve come to the right place!

At Out Of Your Write Mind, we offer professional beta reading that you’re going to love!

Our beta reader, Cassandra Penticoff, owner of OOYWM, delivers the in depth analysis of your story that you’ve been looking for.

Some people are in need of this service, but aren’t able to pay to have their entire manuscript analyzed. We have solution for that. Some of our clients send the first quarter or half of their story only. This saves them money, while still giving them a good idea about whether or not they’re on the right track with their story. When this happens, the beta reader will often give advice about possible paths in which the story could go from there.

See prices and details for beta reading tiers below. 

Beta Read 1

Beta Reader reads the story and gives an overall analysis from the perspective of a reader.

Beta Read 2

Beta Reader reads the story and gives an overall analysis from the perspective of a reader, plus a chapter by chapter analysis and comments throughout the document.

Beta Read 3

In this level, you get everything that is included in beta read 2, plus a light proofread. Beta Reader will fix obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. This level should not be substituted for a professional edit. We recommend getting this level alongside a proofread or copy edit from our professional editor. See the editing page for more information.

If you want to hire OOYWM to beta read your story, please fill out the form below. 

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