Out of Your Write Mind Builders Q&A

*What is a builder?
A builder through Out of Your Write Mind is a tool designed to help you gain followers, subscribers, etc. Depending on the type of builder, this may be through one or several of the following outlets: Facebook followers, email list subscribers, Amazon followers, twitter followers, instagram followers, bookbub followers, goodreads followers, and more.

*How will I get followers?
You will get followers through a raffle. Raffle participants will enter to win a prize, which is usually a gift card, an ebook basket, and possibly more. The way participants will enter is by following your social media pages, signing up for your mailing list, or whichever type the builder is focusing on.

*Will it cost me money?
Yes, each builder has a different price (usually around $20) to participate.

*What does my money go towards?
Your money goes 100% towards the cost of the builder–prize and advertising.

*What are my requirements for signing up?

Fee (different with every builder)

All authors must be in the listed genre to maximize the chances of these readers being interested in all the paid participants work.

We will create an event to help promote the giveaway. We will ask that you send invites out to this event to help get the word out. 

Everyone will sign up for a takeover spot in this giveaway. If you cannot post during the time of your spot, you can always schedule the posts out. 

*Ways to maximize success of this builder

We highly encourage our authors who sign up to promote the giveaway as much as possible. We don’t require you promote it, but we recommend it to maximize subscribers. 

Different ways you can help promote this giveaway:

  • Share it with your mailing list subscribers
  • Share it with your social media fans (as much as possible)
  • Share to Facebook groups
  • Ask your friends to share your posts about it
  • Share the posts we tag you in, regarding the giveaway
  • You will be emailed a media kit to give you content to share with your fans, friends, and family.

Why will readers want to join?

Readers will want to enter this giveaway because of the prize, and to find new authors.

How will readers enter the giveaway?

The way they enter will depend on which type of builder it is. If it’s an email list builder, the reader will enter the giveaway by signing up for the author’s mailing lists. If it’s a social media builder, the reader will enter by following the authors’ social media pages. You get the point!

Readers will be required to follow/subscribe to all authors in order to enter the giveaway.

The winners

1-3 random winners will be picked in the end. The prize for each builder is different. 

About Our Current Builder

Multi-genre Facebook Page and Group builder

For this builder, we’re working on building up our mailing list/newsletter subscriber list! 

$20 fee. 

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