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Please read the tabs below in full before submitting. 

My blog is focused on writing resources. Your guest post can fall under any category relevant to writers and authors building their careers.

Please fill out the form here to pitch OOYWM about being featured on the blog. 

Guest Post Topic Ideas:

  • Create your own
    Pitch an idea to me! Maybe you have a good idea that would be relevant to my blog, which isn’t listed below. 
  • Why Every Writer Needs an Editor
  • Writing Tips
  • Best Websites for Writers
  • Best Software for Writers
  • How To Create a Successful YouTube Channel
  • How to Create a Successful Blog
  • Social Media Marketing for Authors
  • How to Beat Writer’s Block
  • How to Work Efficiently
  • How to Create a Successful Author Business
  • How to Write a Book
  • How to Self-Publish a Book
  • Best Small Press Publishing Companies
  • Top Mistakes Writers Make
  • How to Market Your Book
  • Tips on Designing Your Cover

Just like my blog, the podcast is also focused on writing resources. 

What does the show consist of?

On The Out Of Your Write Mind Podcast, we have a casual conversation and interview hybrid style. This means that I have a set of questions to ask you that falls under a specific sub cateogry of writing (we’ll talk more about that below) and we have a fun and casual conversation about that specific topic. 

Yes, I do have a list of questions to ask you that you have access to ahead of time, but we might not get to all of the questions and I might ask them out of order. 

The questions act as more of a way to guide us smoothly through the conversation. I only refer to the questions once our conversation is needing assistance moving along, or when it feels right. 

I’ve probably over explained this, but many people think they are coming on to the show to have a formal mainstream media style interview, when it’s not like that. It’s more like a late night show style interview where we are having a conversation. 

What qualifications do people need to get on to the show?

There isn’t a specific vetting process in terms of qualification.

If someone isn’t a writer or professional/expert in the writing industry, or in an industry that helps writers (example is general marketing) then I won’t have them on. 

I invite writers, editors, marketers, publishers, publicists, graphic designers, and more to come on the show! Use your common sense. If you think you have some knowledge and experience that will help the writers who listen to this podcast, then please, I welcome you to submit!

What topics do we cover?

We cover any sub category under the top of writing. 

How does someone get featured on the show?

Anyone who is interested in submitting needs to follow the query guidelines in the next tab. 

How to query The Out Of Your Write Mind Podcast to be on the show 

First, you need to have a topic idea. It’s totally acceptable to pitch several ideas to give us options.

Below is a list of topic ideas. Keep in mind, these are only meant to serve as examples. You can come up with your own ideas, in fact, I encourage you to!  

  • Self-editing tips
  • How to manage a writing career on the side of your full time career
  • Writing to market
  • Self publishing versus Traditional publishing
  • Plot outlining tips
  • Writing romance (or other specific genres)
  • Cover design and why it’s important 
  • Creating your own graphics for books 
  • How to get the attention of publishers
  • Querying agents

Again, these are just examples. Take your own person experience and use it to come up with a topic! As long as it helps writers, I’m open to it. 

How do I submit?

You fill out the form here