Social Media Assistance

Social Media Assistance

The point of this service is to expand our client’s presence on social media by creating engaging posts and valuable content that will drive in more traffic to your platforms.

The two biggest mistakes people make on social media are:

  • They don’t post consistently enough
  • They post mainly promotional content

Our service solves these two main problems for our clients.

Without boring you to death with the strategy behind our service, I’ll give you a bit on why this works.

If all you post is promotional stuff, then your page comes off as spammy. This is why we don’t focus on promotional content. The way algorithms work on social media is sort of complex, but to break it down into one sentence–The more likes, comments, and shares a post gets, the more Facebook will push that post out to their users, which in turn gets Facebook to push your page and future posts more, as well. This is why we focus on creating posts that relate to your niche and personality, as well as creating posts that will get a lot of likes, comments, or shares. This includes many different types of posts we can talk about in a free consultation.

The other thing we post for our clients are valuable content for their audience. These can be a variety of things like book news, writing tips, free books, etc.

All in all, we post engaging and valuable content to get Facebook to push your content out more, which expands your audience, and gets more eyes on the times that you do post promotional stuff: releases, sales, etc.

To learn more about this service, click here to read our blog post about it.

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